Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Art of Millennium Tower

Few celebrate local artists better than Millennium Tower. As major developers are required to allocate a percentage of their budget toward public art, the building went beyond what’s expected, and embraced some of the city’s most unique talents and has proudly displayed them in their recently held Atrium Showcase opening. Moderated by Philip E. Aarons, the Founding Partner of Millennium Partners, the developers behind the Tower, the event marked the unveiling of the final piece in the Millennium Tower collection, CA Mission (2011), by Yoram Wolberger.

As an avid collector of modern and contemporary art, Aarons’ knowledge and enthusiasm made for a memorable evening enjoyed by all the art lovers who came by for the special event. The showcase remains open to the public, so if you find yourself in SOMA, be sure to stop into the serine space that is Millennium Tower’s atrium and enjoy works of art that will surely inspire the artist that lies within us all.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Which Millennium Tower residences are you?

Millennium Tower City ResidencesMillennium Tower represents the finest project development by Millennium Partners, the developer behind many of the premier Ritz-Carlton’s and Four Seasons’ across the country. By bringing together its best achievements in design, development and service, Millennium Tower stands as one of the best luxury condos, anywhere in the world. The building is an energizing presence to the San Francisco skyline and contributes to the beauty of the neighborhood.

Like the San Francisco culture, the Tower is an eclectic blend of design. Three distinct living experiences have been created to appeal to different personalities. Whether you choose to live in the City Residences, Residences, or Grand Residences, you will discover that Millennium Tower is not just a place to live but, rather, a way to live.

Millennium Tower Grand Residences
The Grand Residences are located from the 26th through the 60th floor and offer the finest living experience in all of San Francisco. Incredible designer finishes; impeccable style and breathtaking views offer an unparalleled lifestyle.

The Residences occupy the 3rd through 25th floor and feature a multitude of high-quality finishes. All Residences also feature state-of-the-art curtain-wall windows for enjoying exceptional views of the city day or night.

Millenium Tower Residences
The City Residences occupy the 11-story mid-rise adjacent to the main tower and offer a contemporary lifestyle in the most bustling and vibrant part of the city. Enjoy innovative amenities such as a focal media wall that allows you to design your own unique living space.

Through La Vie, Millennium Tower’s unique social program, residents can attend exclusive experiences designed around their shared passions for food, wine, travel, art and culture. Since launching, residents have enjoyed monthly themed Share-A-Bottle Nights, Fireside Chats with prominent locals, and even weekly private movie screenings. These one-of-kind events coupled with private vineyard tours, Broadway shows, and exclusive outings to the hottest spots around the neighborhood and beyond. As one resident put it, they never feel like they live at the Tower, but rather live with the Tower.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

La Vie has Michael Mina stirring things up at Millennium Tower

Michael Mina Fireside ChatMillennium Tower residents live LaVie. A unique, immersive social network, La Vie brings residents together to enjoy exclusive life experiences designed around their shared passions for food, wine, travel, art and culture. The biggest drawn in the program is often the Fireside Chats. Each month, a noteworthy resident or a fascinating member from the community stops by for an intimate conversation.

Previous chats have included Michael Mina, Joe Montana, former mayor Willie Brown, and Wilkes Bashford, just to name of few. With such interesting personalities offering up opinions in an uncensored venue, one can easily see the draw and why events like this continue to help La Vie drives sales for Millennium tower.

When La Vie called Mina up to the microphone, he was more than eager to participate, as he’s also a resident. Mina made for a memorable evening as he shared his view on the dining experience, and what it’s like to be part of the buildings community. Thanks to the Towers exclusive La Vie program, residents got a new perspective on Mina. So, it is no wonder that when Tower residents hear the name around the bay area, they smirk a bit, and think fondly of their good neighbor.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Haute Living Names Millennium Tower the Best Property in SoMa

San Francisco’s tallest residential building tops Haute Living’s “The Best of SoMa District” as Best Property. Millennium Tower is a complete luxury living experience, offering three distinctly unique residential styles—The City Residences, The Residences, and The Grand Residences—in addition to the fantastic views, prime location, and exclusive events calendar.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Downtown San Francisco Living

Downtown San Francisco Living

Living in downtown San Francisco means being a part of a truly unique metropolitan experience. A city known for its history, diversity, the world famous Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street and Alcatraz, San Francisco is in a class by itself.

When people think of city transportation, they often picture swarms of yellow cabs or the crowds bustling about in underground railway systems. But no other city can offer the history and charm of San Francisco's cable car system. Nowhere else but the streets of San Francisco will you ride the rails and hear the bells of a cable car. Known as San Francisco's moving landmark, cable cars not only get you to your destination, but it is a mode of transportation that unique to this great city.

Cable cars are far from the only thing that makes San Francisco so special and so unique. It is a city filled with history, diversity and culture. One such cultural aspect is the city's very own Chinatown – the oldest in all of North America and the largest outside of Asia. A “city within a city,” San Francisco's Chinatown covers five zip codes and boasts hundreds of shops and restaurants that reflect the culture and identity of the Asian community.

When it comes to nightlife, downtown San Francisco has it all. From pubs to martini bars to nightclubs, you can find something to suit every personality when it's time to kick back and unwind with friends after a long week of nine to five. Whether you are looking for quiet drinks and conversation to a night on the dance floor, there is something for everyone.

For more low key evenings, downtown San Francisco has a thriving arts scene with several theaters featuring plays and musicals, ballet, and symphony performances. The downtown area is also home to numerous art galleries. Luxury apartments in San Francisco reflect the class, taste and style of San Francisco, and a trip to a local art gallery can help you find those special pieces of artwork to decorate your home. From the discerning art collector to anyone looking to meet new people and mingle with some of San Francisco's finest, the First Thursday Art Walk each month offers open houses at San Francisco's most notable galleries.

Living in style also means eating in style. San Francisco was recently named one of America's best cities for foodies by Travel and Leisure Magazine. With 12 Michelin star rated restaurants in the city, San Francisco takes pride in its cuisine every meal of the day, from breakfast to dinner and snack times in between.

One of the most unique restaurants in San Francisco is Michael Mina's amazing RN74 restaurant, located at the base of the city's Millennium Tower building. This 60 story condo building is home to some of San Fran's best and brightest – and most famous – including none other than national football hero Joe Montana.

In downtown San Francisco, not only do you want to live and dine in style, but you will want to dress the part as well. The downtown area is home to some of the finest shopping in California. From department stores to designer shops to locally owned boutiques, the downtown shopping scene will keep you stepping out in style and ahead of the fashion curve. It is also home to Wilkes Bashford, an amazing luxury department store.

With so much to see and do, San Francisco luxury condos will put you in the heart of it all with first class amenities and breathtaking views of a city that is truly like no other.

Live in Luxury In San Francisco at Millennium Tower

Live in Luxury In San Francisco at Millennium Tower

To live in San Francisco is to live in a city with one of the highest qualities of life in the United States. It is a city that combines metropolitan lifestyle with some of mother nature's most beautiful features. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the green, rolling hills to the sparkling waters of the bay, San Francisco is a work of art. People from around the world come to San Francisco to experience not only the scenery, but the culture of the city as well. San Francisco is known for its diversity and is a city that embraces people of all races, cultures and lifestyles. It is a city that is truly like no other.

When living in a city like no other, you will also want to live in a home like no other, and The Millennium Towers, San Francisco's premiere vertical community can set the stage for a truly unique, fabulous life in a unique and fabulous city. In addition to building safety and security as well as secure, designated parking, luxury condos like the Millennium offer services and amenities that you won't find in anywhere else.

One of the best things about living in a luxury condo is developing a sense of community and forming relationships with other residents in the building. Exclusive events for owners allow you the opportunity to meet and mingle with other residents. Wine tastings, parties and private movie screenings will keep your social calendar full and give you the opportunity to network, develop partnerships and form friendships with San Francisco society.

At Millennium Towers, these gatherings occur monthly and are (appropriately) called, "La Vie." This gives owners the opportunity to gather on the Club Level for events, socializing and networking.

When the Club Level is not being used to celebrate "La Vie," owners have access to a spa, fitness center, lounge, swimming pool, children's play area, manicured outdoor terrace, and more.

When the day is done, treat yourself to conversation with friends over dinner and drinks either at home, in the Millennium Towers private dining room, or at RN74, Michael Mina's famous restaurant on the ground floor of the tower.

San Francisco is a city that has set itself apart from all the rest. Set yourself apart even further at The Millennium Tower.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Luxury Living in San Francico's SoMa Neighborhood

Luxury Living in San Francisco's SoMa Neighborhood

San Francisco is famous for its diversity and outstanding quality of life. It is the perfect setting for people who want to life the luxury high rise lifestyle in a place like no other. Within this diverse city are various districts, each with its own unique traits and each with its own history.

The district "South of Market" is known affectionately as SoMa and stretches from Embarcadero to Eleventh Street. With everything from warehouses to offices to nightclubs, SoMa offers a snapshot of the diversity that San Francisco is known for around the world, and offers the ideal location for the luxury high rise lifestyle in San Francisco.

SoMa is a district that is constantly growing and changing. Located south of San Francisco's cable car line down the center of Market Street, SoMa was, at one time, considered by locals to be on the "wrong side" of the tracks, and earned itself the nickname "South of the Slot." However, over the years, SoMa has experienced tremendous growth.

The first notable changes in SoMa happened during the a club and artistic scene revival within the district in the 1980s. Over the next decade, artists and musicians were slowly replaced with a very different population. Internet programmers and business owners began to move in as the district became synonymous with the Internet boom of the 1990s. Once the tech and Internet boom began to slow down and business began to close, SoMa evolved yet again to become the district it is today. Now, instead of a district filled strictly with offices and businesses, SoMa now offers a unique blend of work, relaxation and play. "South of the Slot" is now home to parks, restaurants, cafes, shops and the Giants ballpark. For people who are looking for a luxury high rise in San Francisco, SoMa is a district that offers something for everyone. People of all ages, cultures and backgrounds can enjoy what SoMa has to offer, and is an excellent place to call home in a luxury high rise in San Francisco.

The pinnacle of luxury living in the South of Market district is the city's landmark Millennium Tower. This ultra luxe high-rise condominium straddles the SoMa district and the Financial District. Millennium consists of a 60-story and a 12-story tower connected by a glass atrium. The condos are divided into three classifications to suit different tastes: The Residences make up floors 2 - 25, the Grand Residences stretch from floors 26 - 60. The 12-story tower also has 53 open loft-style condominiums called the City Residences. The Tower, home to San Francisco football legend Joe Montana is a vertical oasis the heart of a bustling neighborhood.

From dining to shopping, to sightseeing and outdoor recreation, San Francisco is a city with no shortage of things to see and do. It is a city known for its beauty and diversity, and manages to combine the hustle and bustle of city life with the backdrop of rolling hills and the calming waters of the bay. Living the luxury high rise lifestyle in San Francisco, especially in the district of SoMa, will allow you to experience everything this unique city has to offer.